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  Current With Bills
  You make your payments on time every month, but with the high interest rates
you're being charged, it's impossible to get the balances down. This happens because most of your monthly payment goes toward interest, leaving very little to pay toward the balance.

We are seeing more and more people signing up for a debt management program who aren't late on their payments, and who can barely afford to make minimum payments to the creditors, but are still coming to us for help. Do you feel as if you are throwing your money into a black hole each month, where $175 out of your $200 payment to your creditor is applied to interest? By taking advantage of our Debt Management program, we can gain the following benefits to help you GET OUT OF DEBT much faster, and SAVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY!

Reduced Interest Rates: Many major creditors will reduce or even eliminate the interest you're currently being charged.

Lower Monthly Payments: Our average client can expect to save up to 50% on monthly credit card bills. This leaves more money for other, more important monthly expenses.

Less Hassle: You make one simple payment for your bills, and we'll take care of the rest. You definitely can pay more to us if you'd like, and we'll either apply it to the creditor you tell us to, or we'll apply the extra money to the creditor with the lowest balance.

An Advocate Working for You: We now represent you and contact creditors when there are any problems. We negotiate payment arrangements on your behalf, and arrange do-able monthly payments, even from the strictest collection agencies who demand hundreds of dollars a month.

Roll-up Plan: Your monthly payment to CCDCS remains the same until you complete the program. This means that once the smallest creditor is re-paid, you continue paying the same payment you always have. Now that extra money is applied to the creditor with the next lowest balance, and so on. You "could" theoretically do this on your own, but most of us don't have that type of self-discipline!

It's not shameful or embarassing to get help from consumer credit counseling even if you feel you make enough money or "should know better." Creditors raise interest rates to a ridiculous amount, and charge fees for the simplest of things. It's quite easy to get overwhelmed and see things slowly start to get out of control. It's best to get help and face this problem before it's too late!

How Do You Get Started?

Click on the "download forms" link to begin the enrollment process. Before we send out proposals to your creditors, we need you to consult with our trained credit counselor to determine your budget information, figure out your monthly minimum payment, and make sure you understand exactly how your program with us here works. We need the signed, completed forms as well as a current copy of each statement from the creditors that you would like included on the program. You can fax the forms and statements back to us at 1.888.315.3242.


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